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Welcome to studentsport Limburg

Studentensport Limburg offers you for the academic year 2018 - 2019 a wide and variable sports program. This year, you can choose from almost 40 different sports disciplines!  Beginner?  Experienced athlete? Or just in for some fun? You are all welcome to join!

Sports card with lots of benefits!

The first thing you have to do? Buy a sports card! It will cost 20 euros, but most Flemish health insurance companies reimburse you the amount (fully or partially). Discover all the   'sports card' benefits and how to apply for it.
The sports card gives you a reduction up to 50% for all initiations or activities outside the campus. With the sports card you can participate for free in our fixed evening program. Click here for the schedule of our fixed evening program and initiations, and discover where and when you can practice your sport.
Want to know more on all the sports we are offering? Go to  'sports program' and 'events'.

Octobre means free!
Don't know which sport you actually like or what it's all about?
Don't worry during the month of Octobre you can have a free taste of the different sports and work outs offered within our fixed evening program.

All sports from our sports program take place in Basic Fit Diepenbeek, Fitlink Diepenbeek, PXL sporting hall or our partners in Hasselt and Genk.


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