Sports card

If you want to discover the complete sports program of SSL then download the Studentensport Limburg app on your smartphone. The SSL-app is available for IOS and Android. Downloading the app is free for everybody. 
Once you have installed the SSL-app on your phone you will have access to the details of the complete offer. 

If you are a student from UHasselt, UCLL (region Limburg), PXL or Luca (Campus C-mine) we recommend to verify yourself as a student in the app. After this verification it is possible to buy the digital sports card.

You can purchase a sports card for €25 (this payment can be partially refunded by your health insurance) and you will get mutiple benefits: 

  • you can participate in several activities free of charge or at a reduced fee
  • you can use the open offer:
    • free swimming in Hasselt or Genk
    • free ice skating in Hasselt
    • climbing sessions at a reduced fee in Hasselt

Do not hesitate to get your sports card straight away. The SSL app will guide you through the necessary steps:

  • Connect your Ping.Ping account (students from UHasselt and PXL) or make a Ping.Ping account (students from UCLL). When making the connection it is important to use the login for this account. The username is your student e-mail adress and your password for the Ping.PIng account. You can reset your password on the website: https://uhasselt-pxl.mynetpay....
  • Transfer 25 EUR onto your account
  • buy the sports card
  • download the form to ask for a refund from your health insurance 
  • choose your favourite sport and start!

In case you have difficulties with the SSL app or the sports card, don't hesitate to contact your sportscoordinator.