Answers to frequently asked questions:

  1. Where can I find the program of Studentensport Limburg?
    You can find the detailed program in the SSL app, download the app and you can look for your favourite sport activity.
  2. How much does it costs to get the SSL app?
    Downloading the SSL app is free but we recommend to buy the digital sports card in the app, this card costs 25 EUR (you can get a partially ar complete refund for it via your health insurance). This gives you free acces or a significant discount for all the activities from Studentensport Limburg. 
  3. To buy a sport card I need a Ping.Ping account? Help!
    The students of UHasselt and PXL already have a Ping.Ping account for payments. They have to connect this account in the SSL app by using their student e-mail adress and passwoord for Ping.Ping. In case you do not know your passwoord you can reset it via the website of Ping.Ping.
    Students from UCLL have to create a new Ping.Ping account.
    Once your account is connected you can load up money on your account.
  4. What do I have to do to go swimming?
    You just make a free ticket (when you have the sports card) in the SSL app. You can choose between the swimming pool of Hasselt or Genk.
    Your ticket in the app you use to scan the QR code of SSL at the swimming pool and to get your entry ticket.
  5. Can I just go and participate in the sports activities?
    No, for everything you have to subscribe in the SSL app in advance, this is quick and easy.
    We distinguish between:
    1. open offer (eg. swimming and ice skating): here you are free to pick the moment
    2. weekly offer (eg. zumba, sward fight): this activities take place weekly and you can join them at any time.
    3. initiations (eg. horse riding, self defence): you have to subscribe for the complete set of lessons.
      More information you can find under 'offer'.