Sports card



  • Free participation in regular weekly activities (lessons, indoor soccer, volleyball, kickboxing, ...)
  • Discount for and priority to register for initiations and extramural activities (horseback riding, skiing, squash, gliding...)
  • Discount on sports tickets for external sports accommodations (ice skating, wall climbing, swimming)
  • Free access to the swimming pool of Hasselt and Genk, throughout the year, except during July and August.
  • In September and October you can go swimming or ice skating on presentation of your STUDENT CARD, after 31st October a SPORTS CARD is required.

Without this sports card you can participate, but you do not get the above benefits and you have to pay extra for everything. To apply for a sports card, click on the logo of your institution.

UCLL and LUCA students login here 

UHasselt students login here 

PXL-students can get their sports card at the entrance of the Student Department on the ground floor of Building D at the campus Elfde Linie. Every day from 8u30 untill 16u00.